Perry's Killer Playlist - Joe Schreiber
I really enjoyed reading about Perry and Gobi again. This book was just as light, fast, and fun as the first one. I don't think you need to read the first book to grasp what is going on (although I did read it) but I would recommend reading it because it is also very good.
Perry's Killer Playlist starts a few months after the last book ended. Perry is getting on with his life after the wild night/ killing spree with Gobi. His band has booked a tour in Europe and things are looking up. Curiosity gets the better of him however, when he decided to go and look for Gobi while in Venice. He finds her and gets sucked into another adventure. People aren't who they seem to be and soon Perry (and his family) are in danger.We get to learn more about Gobi, although this story is not a book with a lot of character growth, it is nice getting to know more about her.
This book is basically just action- and it is like watching a movie. At a bit over 200 pages long , this book packs a fast-paced, adventure filled story.

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