Never Eighteen - Megan Bostic
I just finished reading this book about 30 minuets ago so it is still fresh in my mind but I also haven't had much time to analyze it. With that said I am going to say that I enjoyed it, or I enjoyed it as much as one can enjoy a book that makes them cry.

The book is about seventeen year old Austin, a boy who is dying. The reader doesn't know what he is dying of until the very end of the book- in fact we don't really know what he looks like aside from his being tall and, because of his illness, very skinny. He asks his best friend, and the love of his life, Kaylee to drive him around for two days as he tries to make a change in people's live while he still can.

At first I felt like the book was going to fast- within the first few chapters Austin speaks to three different people and he just seems nosy- so I thought that the short length of the book (the story part of the book is about 200 pages- I read it in a couple of hours) wouldn't work. However, as I read I was able to relate more to the characters and I could understand why everything seemed to be going by so fast- Austin doesn't have much time and he wants to know that the people he is leaving behind won't lead wasted lives. He also has a personal list of things he wants to do.

I liked this book, it more then a book about a boy who is dying. It is about life, friendship, family, and love.