A Little Friendly Advice - Siobhan Vivian
This book is about a girl named Ruby who has to deal with a changing dynamic among her group of friends, her fathers reappearance (during her 16th birthday party) after a 6 year absence, and her first love.. all in one week. All of this forces her to deal with her problems and take control (and responsibility) for her own life.
From the synopsis on the back of the book you would think this was a book about best-friends letting a boy ruin their friendship - but you would be wrong. There is a lot more going on and this small book had quite a story to it.
I found Ruby (as the main character, and the narrator) to be very relatable. She is really struggling with her parents and getting the answers she wants and needs. I felt that her friends were very well written characters and I liked that even people with the best intentions can really mess up and betray you, it can change your relationship but it doesn't have to end it.

I would recommend this book to someone looking for a book that deals with friends, family (especially divorce and problems with friends) and growing up.