The Loop - Shandy Lawson
The book was very exciting and fast-paced. It was a very quick read. It wasn't as suspense/action-filled as I expected it to be but it was interesting.
The book was narrated by Benjamin which I wasn't expecting because I thought it would be 3rd person or alternating perspectives but we do get a small part told from Maggie's point of view.
I tried not to think about the concept too much because some aspects don't seem to make sense (or I'm not smart enough to get it...) but I really enjoyed it and the last quarter of the book (the part narrated by maggie) goes by very fast because it is a summary of events but it was an interesting one that didn't seem too short or boring.
Overall I would recommend this book I enjoyed it very much.

Sorry for any typos this was written on my phone. I will correct it later.