Love Undercover -
I expected to like this book a bit more then I did. It was pretty fast paced and it is a quick read. Some parts were funny (Kaitlyn "studying" how to be a spy by watching Alias and The Jason Bourne films) but it had too many pop culture references that (even though I was a teenager when this book was released) still took me out of the story. they watched a lot of Laguna Beach and update Myspace. Many of the characters were just one dimensional villains and I wished we could actually see Kaitlyn and Blaine falling for each other. All you know is that he is cute and nice(although he just seems to be a bad judge of character).

If you want to read a book where the bad girl is just bad (no reason, just a terrible person) and the good girls are a bit awkward (and have a lot of embarrassing moments) but cute then I would recommend this book. Good for a day at the beach.